2009 VW Beetle shut off while driving?

I was driving at about 20 mph on a back road today when my battery light flashed on. My steering wheel locked up, as did my brake and gas pedals. I had to coast and pull up my e-brake to stop and shift back into park. My AC and radio kept running, though. I turned off my car and restarted it, everything unlocked, and it hasn’t done it since, but I’m terrified of thinking what could’ve happened if I was going faster or if there were other vehicles or obstacles around like a highway or busy street. What in the heck could have caused this?! My car is a 2009 and just barely has 25k miles on it.

I have had a bad history of service on this car. My headlights are constantly being replaced by the dealership because they always break the tensioning and/or the buckets that hold the headlight sink in and don’t sit flush with the body of the car. From Oct 2010 until now I have had my headlights repaired 3 times. Last time, they left my interior lights on overnight and my battery died. I NEVER had a problem with my car battery until then. Is this related?!

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