A dream about HAIR LOSS?

So I had an odd dream last night that went like this:

I was taking and shower and then got out and went to the sink. My mom came in after i had changed and we were talking when i saw a braid on the sink. i noticed it was mine and then my mom saw that i had a bald spot from where it had fallen. The rest of my hair was down and natural, unbraided, and then i had that bald spot. my mom then told me that we can just color in that spot and nobody would notice. i was scared and i didnt know what to do so then i went back inside the bathroom and for some reason it was all dirty and nasty except for the shower which was clean. i went inside the shower and then started washing my hair with hair repair shampoo because i was afraid that it would fall out. i was frantic because this hair loss is a symptom of anorexia nervosa and i didnt want to have that.

some info about me:
recently ive been to the doctor who has said i have an eating disorder and is making me gain 5 lbs since im underweight. i weigh 117 at 5’5"…and she is accusing me of having an eating disorder since ive lost a lot a of weight in the past 6 months. i dont really wanna gain the weight but i have to since i havent had my period in over 2 months…and im 16 years old.

soooo what can this dream mean???

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