add comma, semicolons 10 pts?

Add comma, semicolons, and colons where necessary. Don’t change sentences—simply add punctuation. Add your punctuation in bold like this (;).

In terms of power the United States Navy was a minnow to Britain’s shark when the two countries went to war in 1812. The British navy had 800 warships the Americans had only 16 warships. The United States hurriedly built ships and also converted merchant vessels including the Great Lakes schooners the Hamilton and the Scourge. Both of these schooners were more used to carrying coal than cannons and they made poor warships. The weight of a cargo low in the hold helps make a ship steadier heavy cannons on the deck have the opposite effect. “It’ll be our coffin” cursed the crew of the Scourge and a squall in 1813 proved them right. The wind turned both the Scourge and the Hamilton over in an instant and they quickly sank killing all but eight of the crew from the two ships. The icy waters of Lake Ontario hid the ships until 1975 when a remote-controlled camera recorded remarkable images of the lost schooners.

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