Alcoholics, Professionals, Doctors, Anyone Please Help?

Don’t answer this question if you can’t be serious, or if you just don’t know. This is a very severe situation & I don’t have time to throw away. I have a very very dear friend that needs my help & anybody else that is familiar or very knowledgeable of this situation. My friend is in his mid 30’s, he weighs around 170 pounds. He is a very hard worker for a machine shop working long hard hours in unsuitable weather conditions. However for several years, since he was 15 he has been drinking, he only drinks beer. He don’t drink while @ work, but as soon as he gets off in the afternoon that’s the 1st thing he turns to. In the mornings as soon as he wakes up, he will drink beer & nothing else. So basically what i’m saying is from morning to bedtime he is a fish with beer, there is an 8 hour gap during day while working & that’s it. Weekends roll around starting on Friday afternoon that’s the only thing he has in his hands is a beer 1 right after another, skipping meals as well. Now here is the part I just don’t understand, it takes over a 30 pack to get him drunk, & really when I say drunk for him its really not so because he remains focused, civil, a gentleman, observant, communicates, but yet has drank well over 30 beers, yes he will stagger around when he walks, but also knows everything he is doing because the next day he can repeat step by step of everything. I have tried over & over to help him, make him slow down, show him the damage hes is doing to himself & consequences. He does not drink & drive, he is not a bar hopper either. He does all his drinking inside his home, shuts himself up & sinks into a depression state of mind, becomes negative & has negative thoughts about life & himself. He has had a very rough life, meaning he has had 2 divorces, his own family has blew him off because they are tired of seeing him in these conditions. He has said over & over that there is no help that will cure him, he refuses any help, also says that he has to drink to be a person to be himself. If he don’t have the beer he is not a person to be around, he will be grumpy, hateful, mean, negative, & will literally kill himself if he don’t have beer. I have fallen into the habit to supply it for him, go on the beer runs all the time, because if I don’t he will try driving, walking, or any other source to retrieve his beer. Hes an awesome, loving, funny man most of the time during drinking. I personally don’t understand how he can drink so much & still act normal. I need help, he needs help, but he refuses even talking about it, saying I’m beyond help & I don’t want help. He has said he will never give up drinking as long as hes alive & very firm when he says these things. He has had very sad times in his life, childhood to now. These are excuses I know, but he don’t. I have watched him lose weight, eye color is yellow, & if I don’t force him to eat, he wont eat either. Professional help for him is completely out of the question, so don’t even recommend that to me. I want to know how I can help him without him knowing. Such as is there any over the counter medication, natural remedies, or any other techniques that I can try on my behalf to slow the drinking down. Cold turkey will kill him, in the mornings he will shake severely until he gets the beer inside his system. There has to be something out there, that I can do. Medicines that I can get him to take somehow, without him knowing what its for. It hurts me knowing that I’m not helping him to the best for his health. What can I do. If I do anything it has to be behind his back without him catching on. He has no problem taking vitamins that I buy for him. Please help me to help him with advice that is going to be successful, otherwise do I just let him die. I have tried Doctors with him, I have tried counseling, I have talked & talked with him to the point hes winning & I’m losing. I don’t drink, but seeing a drinker waste his money & life away is killing me as well. I have got to find anything I can in my power to make him not crave it, want it, need it. How can I do this, if I cant get him up off the couch to eat or see a doctor for other medical conditions i’m truly at a loss. This is my last step asking all of you to help me to help him before its to late, which maybe already. I love him to death & will do anything to get him off the beer. It hurts me in the mornings watching him shake until the alcohol reaches his system. All of you out there that have experienced the same conditions, have went through the same, tell me what I need to do, as I have said 100% forget A,A, forget professional help. My help has to come in somehow as a secret or something. Maybe natural herbs that I can put in his food, or beer, any medication I can get for him to put in something or make him think its vitamins. I know this is not the correct way, but it is my only choice, all the rest I hav

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