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After barricading the door with what he can find he collapsed on is back trying to let himself take comfort in this safe place, letting the fear & exhaustion fade away.
"I thought i seen her, i cant let myself morn her now." he thought shutting his eyes tightly straining to push her face out of his mind.
"The sleep deprivation is taking its toll on me" he thought while strongly rubbing his forehead to focus is mind else wear
"What did i grab?" he said to himself trying to remember
"4 clips for the Beretta, 3 box of shotgun shells, 5 bottles of pills, couple packs of those god awful military food bars. I would have got’in more if it wasn’t for those trigger happy bastards
"He thought opening his eyes fixated in anger
"Let it go Teddy" he thought releasing his anger with a deep sigh of release.

His fear almost gone now, feeling his strength returning he goes through his bag and finds the pills. Hesitating a moment before popping two in his mouth, imagining the damage his brain has endured with every pill. His mouth dry, he stumbles to the sink turning on the faucet, cupping the water in his hands as he leans into the sink to drink, feeling the cold water on his dry lips he swallows hard feeling the pills scrap down his dry throat a second before the cool water fallows. Refreshed, gripping the sink with both hands he lifts is heavy head to the broken mirror. Staring, waiting to recognize his face.

*Beep *Beep" Beep*

The slow constant sound pulling him out of his stare and back to reality. He quickly splash the cold water on his face trying to wake & compose fully himself before answering his phone.
"I’m alive.."
"good for you." that cold sarcastic playful voice can only belong to one woman he thought
"..what did you get?"
"Come pick me up and you’ll find out" he replied equally sarcastically playful trying to hold back his anger in his voice.
"Finally leaning how to play the game!" she said laughing, "Jenna would be proud if she was still alive."
"Shes trying to push your button Teddy, don’t give her the satisfaction" he thought gripping the sink in anger picturing her smug face.

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