Am I rich?????????????????

People think im rich is that true? am I'm rich? I''ll list below my lifestyle,house,and stuff my family has. I'm a 14 year old male btw.
-Ok so we live in a middle class area but thats by choise we could live in a really rich area if we wanted
-So we had a house built up on a mountain where there is no neighbors or anything and that was not cheap my parents spent a ton of money
-When you enter my house you go through a mile long forest that is pretty nice it has waterfalls,lakes,ponds ect. That I own and it says private property so no one can enter the forest
-Then you go up a long stone drive way and there is my house
-my house is like 7k square feet which is made out of lime stone,glass,and brick
-It has 4 floors including the basement,5 bathrooms,and like 14 bedrooms,2offices,a gym,a living room,a kitchen,a game room,and most of the bedrooms have walk in closets
-So when u enter there r 2 really big doors,when u go inside there is a pretty long hall way with hard wood floors,high walls,to the left is a small closet for coats and stuff and there is an antique chair,and an antique table
-To the right of the hallway is the family office,Inside is hardwood sloors,an antique table,a pretty nice desk with our family computer which is a year old sony touch screen computer then there is a closet with another desk inside there with my moms 2011 imac and macbook pro
-When you go back to the hall way and keep going straight there is another door to the right,That is my parents bedroom
-In there is more hardwood floors,a really fancy expensive king bed,a medium large brick fireplace,antiques on the shelf of the fireplace,a 27 inch flat screen tv,a glass wall that has a really nice view of the mountains,a walk in closet,a bathroom with a water fountain sink,hot tub,and nice shower
-when u go back 2 the hall way and keep going foward you see two big doors if u open them then theres the living room
-The living room is really big the walls are like 20 feet high,it has really expensive leather couches that were thousands of dollars,a persian rug,a huge brick fire places,really huge paintings,a granite bar with stools,an armoir with big doors that are usually closed cuz my mom doesnt like the look of modern day electronics but if you do open the dorrs there is a 52 inch flat screen with speackers,a wii,and a blue ray player,behind the armoire is a huge glass wall with a view of the mountains and another glass wall that views my porche
-Then there is a door to another hallway,its pretty long,has stairs to the left and a door to the basement,but if u keep going down it you see to kitchen
-The kitchen is pretty big as well,ahas another huge stone fireplace,a glass wall,antique furniture,a mahagony long table,granite counters, a sub zero stainless steel refrigerator,a space maker microwave,a bosche dish washer,a viking stove,and hard wood floors
-There is a littledoors intergrated into the stone wall that goes to a little bathroom,and the loungary room which has two lg washer and dryers and some high tech towel warmer

-the porche has a stainless steel barbeque,a high stone table,and lime stone floors
-If you go back to the hallway and go to the door to the basement there is a door to the garage and then long stairs to the basement,the base ment has 4 rooms,first is some random work out room,then a glass door to the gym which has three treadmills,and much other workout stuff,and a regular tv,then there is a glass door to my dads office
-his office has a pretty nice desk,hardwood floors,a 73 inch flat screen tv,a 4 month old sony computer,his ipad 2g,and his sony laptop which is a month old,he usually upgrades his computer and laptop every 5 months but that only because what he does is all on computers so he needs to use a new one
-Then if you go back up the stairs theres a door to my garage,that has all our cars which is a 2007 lexu rx350 which we are upgrading soon and thats our family car,my dads car which is an infiniti fx50 and a 2008 forde van which we use to store quads and dirtbikes in, a white refrigerator and a regular big screen tv,my dad usually upgrades his cars every 2 years because he commutes 2 hours every day so he needs a new car and he usually gets nice cars which he owns,like in 2000 he had a lexus es,in 2002 he had a mercedes benz amg,in 2004 he had an audi a4,in 2006 he had a saab,in 2008 he had another mercedes benz
-So anyway when you go up the stairs there is another flight of stairs,the first floor is a game room with air hockey,flat screen,fuz ball table,and other games
-then if you go to the 4th floor you see my floor,my floor has a guest room for when my causins sleep over they stay there which has a pretty nice bed and walk in closet,then there is a few other random rooms and the theres my room,my room has a pretty expensive queen bed that was like k,an acer touch screen computer that is like 3 months old,a month old macbook air,a 32 inch flat screen tv,an a
view over the mountains
-We also do vacation every month and stay at expensive hotels
-We also go to very expensive restaurants
-I usually wear clothes from ralph lauren,nautica,michael kors,calvin klien,and other designers
-My parents also have very nice clothes
-We also do have nice electronics too
-My dad and I both have ipad 2gs
-My dad use to have the older ipad but we donated it to Charity
-My dad has the blackberry torch,my mom has the samsung smartphone,and I have the Iphone 4
-My dad makes pretty good money cuz he owns a huge building in a city I will not mtell you
-His office is pretty cool its on the top of the building,over looks the city,he has two brand new imacs on his desk,has a 62 flat screen,and a pool table
-He has owned other business's before as well like ,real estate,dealer ship,stock,office supplies ect
-when he owned a dealer ship he sold Lamborghini's,corvettes,mercedes,audis,Ferrari's,jaguars,and vipers
-Also we have had two limos in the past
-And I do go to a


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