apartment send me to collection agency?

I lived at an apartment in College Station for about a year. After I moved out The apartment is asking me to pay 35 dollars over my security deposit to cover the costs of cleaning. They have send me a list of things they had to do in my house after left. I do not have a problem with most of those except carpet cleaning. They have charged me 100 dollars for carpet cleaning. I have a problem with that. When I lived there, my kitchen sink was clogged for a week. Because of the strange construction of the apartment, the main drain for the kitchen sink was located in the bedroom,hall and passage. Therefore, for one week all the dirty water from my and my neighbour’s sink, dishwasher,and AC was leaking into my bedroom, hall, and passage. They repaired the clogged drain but failed to clean/dry the carpet. That is why there were big stains on the carpet. Some stains have also been made by me.
But 100 dollars is a random amount they have charged me for. I am not all responsible for the dirty carpet. So, I am saying that my security deposit of 200 dollars(which they retained) should be enough while they are asking for 35 dollars more. They have threatened to report me to collection agency and sue me for those 35 dollars. What happens if I still decide to fight it out? What are my chances of getting a judgement in my favour?
The drain leaked in month of july. I moved out july end. They are after me from august.All this has happened only in one week. Can I ask them for details of the cleaning bills.
Just a correction. All this has happened between 1st July and 15th August.

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