Are my lip rings too short ?

I got spider bites on my lower lip two days ago on 5/13. When I got it done I am assuming that the bar the piercer gave me was not long enough to accommodate for the swelling that would occur. It is now two days later and my lip is swollen and the bars feel too tight. I freaked out and went to another piercer for a second opinion. She told me that it seemed fine and that it was just swollen and that it should go down. And she also told me to come back if it starts to get worse but that it shouldn’t. But it seriously looks like it will start to become embedded in my lip soon. especially the on closest to the center of my lip, it looks like it is sinking into my lip. It doesnt hurt, just uncomfortable when I eat. No burning sensation or puss. Should I be concerned that it will begin to embed or will the swelling go down and will it be okay ?

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