Bad dentistry, no infection control, Who do I call?

I am a dental assistant in Tennessee and started working for my current office/dentist in May. My problems with this dentist/office….

No infection control.
No protective barriers on light handles, chairs, handpieces ect.

Handpieces are NEVER sterilized or covered during treatment. We are to just spray and wipe them off.

The air water syringe is NEVER sterilized just sprayed and wiped off.

Dentist does not wash his hands..he does not even have sinks in the operatories. He even leaves room with gloves on and comes back with same gloves. I almost got sick when I seen him go into restroom with gloves on and came out with same gloves on and continue to work on adjusting patients partial and place it back into patients mouth.

I have seen him crown the wrong tooth.
I have seen him working on one tooth and hit the tooth next to it and not repair it. So patient comes back wondering why the tooth not worked on is suddenly sensitive and hurting.
I have seen him do a filling on wrong tooth even extract wrong tooth.

The list goes on and on of bad dentistry and lack of infection control. I have mentioned to dentist and office manager (his wife) about the lack of infection control and nothing was done. The dentist is almost 80 years and just does not care… and yes I said 80 that is not a typo.

I take my own precautions.. I wear mask, gloves, safety goggles but I seriously am worried about cross contamination and our patients.

So my questions are..
Who do I call to report this? OSHA seems to handle more occupational hazards for workers not patients.
Would it be health department?
If the right department does come, can the lack of sterilization be proven? Will they question employees privately?
I know the bad dentistry could not be proven unless patient realized it and turned him in.

If the proper authorities did come and shut him down, would his employees get unemployment?

I am not a disgruntle employee, I am worried about the patients!! I have been looking for another job to get myself out of the situation but nothing out there right now. Which is the case for many people.

Thank you for your time!

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