Bathroom Repair the Sequel: 'Sticky' Shower Door?

It must be the cold weather or something because I am stuck inside and I figure, now is the best time to fix all those things I have been meaning to fix but have always ignored because ‘it’s too nice a day to stay inside’.

So every toilet in my house is now functioning correctly. Filling up quickly and not making too much noise while flushing. Now I move onto my final house project… (for the moment…oh lord I probably just jinxed myself and now everything in my house will break at the same time. That’ll show me for bragging about my awesome fixing skills).

The shower in my bathroom is a simple walk-in shower. It’s not a sliding door, but an open and close one like a regular door. Its got a metal frame around the door itself and then a metal track for the bottom of the door and the side. Like the image below:

Now I don’t know the word for it, but I’m gonna go with ‘sticky’. Every I close it, I have to yank it shut so it closes all the way. Then when getting out, I have to really put my shoulder into it to open it. It doesn’t seem to be leaking at all because the floor isn’t wet. It’s just either the wall or floor track are sticky (or broken?) and aren’t letting the door open/close properly. Maybe even the bottom of the door itself (this black squeegee lining) is the problem?

*Laura is on a fixing roll. She has repaired two doorknobs, a broken dryer drum, all 3 house toilets, the garage door opener and both garage lights, and fixed a leaky kitchen sink.
^^ Who says girls can’t be handy?

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