Bathroom sink doesn't have water after shutoff for 1mo.?

I shut off the valves for hot and cold water under the sink before we went to vacation. After we came back, I turned on the valves and no water come out of the faucet. All other water is working.
How to fix it? Thanks!

Additional details:
1. Our house is built 3 years ago. No problem before.
2. I also shut off the sink in the kitchen at the same time and have no problem to turn it on.
3. The shower in that bathroom has both hot and cold water. The toilet has water, too.
Thanks for the answers. I think you are right. To clarify some questions: i can’t hear any air when open the valve. I don’t think there is leak because the watermeter showed 0 for that month when we gone.

There is only one faucet. So I agree with the second answer. The problem is likely between faucet and the shutoff valves.

It’s unlikely both supplies blocked, so it must be after they merge. I will check the faucet this weekend and let you know.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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