Belly Piercing Experts?

So, on Friday of last week i got my belly button pierced. everything was all good up until maybe 2 days ago when i realized the bar was way too small and my skin was being squeezed to fit into the bar. It was so bad it was getting to the point where the ball was actually sinking into my skin, and it was bleeding. Today, I went to a professional (obviously not the lady who pierced it for me) and asked for his opinion. he told me the piercer had definitely taken too much skin, and that the standard bar they use for belly rings would never fit. He suggested i take it out, so i did. its been about 6 hours and ive been rubbing the area with vitamin E and put a small dab of neosporin on the area which the ball had started sinking into.Since my piercing is so new and i took it out early in the process, i was wondering how long you guys thought it would take to heal?

and how long should i wait until getting it repierced? because i know he won’t use the same two holes, since they were way too far apart. as of now, the skin around it does not hurt anymore and basically feels how it felt before getting the actually piercing (besides the top area where the ball started sinking in)

let me know what you guys think! thank you :)

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