Blocked Bathroom Sink – Gravel.?

Last night I blocked my bathroom sink cleaning the gravel for my fish tank. Lots slipped down and now there’s only about 4 inches left in the tube before the pipe fills up and the water comes back up into the sink and takes ages to go back down. I don’t think a plunger will work as gravel is heavy. I’ve not mentioned this to my mum yet I wanted to get it sorted without her knowing but chances are she will find out very soon anyway and this could be a job for a plummer. It can be as simple as removing the U bend and trying to remove the blockage that way. But there’s a pedestal in front of the pipes and I’m not sure if this can just slot a-side, but then the top of the sink won’t be resting on anything

I’m in work at the moment – So is she. But her boyfriend will recognise it and she’s back before me.

I’m wondering has anyone got any advice (obviously not to let gravel go down in future but It wasn’t intentional)
It has a Pedistal infront of the pipes though, that would have to be removed then the sink off the wall im guessing, its welded onto the wall with the rubber silicone thing, & if I removed the pedistal the actual sink bit wouldn’t have anything to rest on

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