Break rental application before moving in?

I was to move in on June 15th, and had moved in all my things. However, the apartment unit had not been in the suitable condition the superintendant had told me it would be in: there had been no fridge, no stove/oven, no closet doors, no decorative yet metal bars on the window for security (the unit is on the ground floor), no new bathroom fixtures, all of which the superintendant had promised me. Also, the sink in the kitchen as well as the sink in the bathroom, as well as the bathub and bathroom floor is caked in what seems to be a combination of sawdust/paint/drywall, and there are old unhinged doors still in the unit. I feel that the management is incompetent. I signed a rental application but no lease, and have not moved in. No term had been agreed upon for the end of the tenancy, not even verbally – just the beginning – an agreement to which the management had not carried out. In Ontario, can I back away from this rental application? Will there be consequences

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