Broke up with a girl…saw her kiss another guy last week…now she wants to hang out? What to do?

Alright the full (short) story…Me and this girl just broke up and i’m still a little bitter about it. I still have strong feelings for her but I havent talked to her a whole lot cause Im trying to get over her and move on. 2 weeks inbetween the breakup, we still talk and are friends. We even hung out a few times and it was like old times. Last friday we were at a bar/club and I saw her their and talked to her for a bit but it wasnt like old times you know. We didnt really talk all that much. Later on that night I saw her on the dance floor with another dude, i dont really care that she is dancing with someone else, it just brought back flashbacks of how we use to dance and stuff. Well later on that night I catch her making out with the guy. My heart sank…I knew then that it was over. Even though I was really low that night, part of me was glad that I could really really move on and forget her completly. But yesterday she texts me and asks if I want too go out with her and some friends to the same bar/club on friday (note I live in kind of a small town so its the place to be on Friday night). I dont know what to do. I really want to move on but I still really like her to.

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