Can a bar owner legally keep the Men's restroom door open and not the woman's?

I used to frequent a local bar/grill in my area until the owner started propping the men's restroom door open. This leaves little to no privacy. You can see right into the stalls and the sink area and from the right angle you can almost see the urinals. However, he keeps the woman's door closed. I confronted him about this, as I feel it is sexist and discriminatory to not prop open the woman's as well. He said it is b/c men are violent and have punched holes in his bathroom wall, while woman have not. I said “but there no privacy” and he said “I know but just look at my walls.” Well regardless if men are violent when they are drunk, this is not all guys, it is a very small number. and I do not believe this gives him a legal right to leave the door open. Is this even legal? Would it not be discrimination if he does not require the woman's bathroom door to be open as well? It is not equal so I believe this is discrimination. That would be like him saying people of a certain color are more violent so they have to use a seperate bathroom. While he IS the owner, it would still not be acceptable.

Please don't say “don't go there then.” I only go there every few months now and only b/c of the food.


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