Can a bathroom sink faucet turn itself on? I've been in my house for two years & it's happened twice.?

I don’t believe my house is haunted or anything. It’s just odd that twice in the past month I’ve come home and the hot water is running. I know it was turned off when I left for work in the morning. The sink drains slowly so of course water flooded over the sink, across the bathroom floor, and into the basement. I have no idea how long it had been running. I have a relatively new forced-air oil burner that produces radiant heat for the house and also produces the hot water.

Could there be a problem with pressure?
Could the faucet simply need to be replaced?

I have cats but I have to say they’ve never messed with the faucet before [but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that they’ve turned it on]. I’ve started leaving the bathroom door closed when I leave for work so that cats won’t get near the faucet.

Just today I learned that my home’s former owner stated that she experienced the same faucet turning itself on. Is this possible?
Docar – so how do I fix this? Replace the faucet?

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