can copper pipes rust?

something is definitely going on with my plumbing. we are renting a condo from my fiance’s family friend; it’s in a large brick building with 3 other condos. lately i’ve noticed some sort of red film developing around the bathroom faucet, the inside of the toilet, and in my shower head. at first, i thought maybe a killer clown was going to rise out of the sink, but now i’m pretty sure it’s rust. we called the owner of the condo to ask if we/he should hire a plumber but he insisted it was impossible because the pipes were copper and it was probably something wrong with the local water supply. we asked other people in the building and they don’t have any rust problems; their water is fine and clear. so my question here is, can copper pipes rust or is my landlord just a dick? i don’t really understand what else it could be.

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