Can I have my city's building inspector inspect my apartment?

I have been living in my apartment with my boyfriend since February 2011 and we seemed picked the worst apartment to move into. Since move in we have complained about mold build up under our bathroom sink, and bugs; of course our landlord has yet to do anything. Also since we moved in, there has been many serious electrical problems in our apartment and a total of four fires; possibly all electrical, in the complex (this is a big apartment complex with at least 35 buildings and 12 apartments per building), one being in my own building. This fire in my building accrued almost 2 months ago and all that has been done is painted walls in the apartment hallway which was done over 2 weeks ago and I have yet to see another worker doing anything (mind you we have a kicked in door by the fire dept and damaged carpet both yet to be fixed; luckily this is all that was damaged in my home). I feel that 2 months is more than enough time to complete these fire repairs. And to top it all off my central air just broke 2 weeks ago, in the middle of summer where it reaches well over 100 degrees here! And, yep you guessed it! this has also yet to be fixed! I have already sent my landlord a 30 day notice to put my rent in our county’s escrow account if the repairs aren’t done. I just feel that more should be done and the city should fine or arrest these people who are collecting tenants’ money and not getting things done. Is it even possible to request a city inspector to come check my apartment? Or who would I call, who can come see the unsafe living situations in my apartment and legally force the landlord to make repairs? I know I have to give 30 day notice (which I have done) before I stop paying rent but is it some way to take the landlord to court any sooner?

Thanks for the help!
In my state if your building is not safe you have grounds to put your rent in an escrow account or even terminate the lease (with a 30 day notice) and I’m not just withholding rent I am putting my rent in the hands of the law which is what you should do when your landlord fails to be well a landlord. And yes you can not withhold rent because of your a/c but you can when you are a tenant with asthma (which I have) and it is dangerous to stay in hot areas for too long. The landlord agrees to maintain safety for its tenants!

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