Can I install a 4 light vanity/bathroom wall fixture vertically instead of horizontally?


I just moved into a new apartment. Price, gym, dog park, parking, and kitchen were nice so I decided to try to fix the poor lighting and make a go of it. It is a nice place. My bathroom is small and the light fixture in the bathroom is a wall sconce. The towel cabinet door can’t open all the way because the wall sconce is in the way. I think that is a violation of some electrical code, and i might use that in my talk with the maintenance to get them to install a new fixture for me without giving me a hard time or charging me for it. After all I am buying the new fixture, and taking it with me when i move probably.

Well, due to size and wall space available my options are slim. I like a bright bathroom, and this is a water closet to say the least and the ceiling is even lower than the rest of the apartment. ‘rolls eyes’

I will probably put in some battery operated push lights under the cabinet as a little track lighting i guess. But the wall sconce has got to go. I was looking at a bathroom vanity light bar, what most bathrooms have over the bathroom sink. I found a few 3 light fixtures and a 4 light fixture. I was wondering if it would be possible to install the 3 or 4 light fixture vertically instead of horizontally?
There is only one wall sconce and no plugs close enough to install plug in lights, i saw some lights that would be good for bright light and size buy the plug is on the other side of the wall behind a door.

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