Can I Sue my Coop (Board) in Small Claims, Mouse infestation & remodelling costs?

I live in a coop in NYC and in the past months we’ve been dealing with mice and bigger rodents which in our pictures look like rats. Our coop and board of directors sent us the exterminator but the problem was always patching holes throughout the apartment.
We spent almost ,000 having to remodel the kitchen and bathroom because our head Superintendant told us things were outdated and old etc and in the process our holes would be patched.

At this point we still found mice the past few days dead probably from poisoning and wherever they are hiding. Our home insurance agent told us mouse damage is excluded from our policy and we should make a case in small claims against our board of directors..

Is this a valid case? We have pictures of live and dead mice, even a huge nest under the bathroom vanity.. and phone records to the office etc.???
the office was quick in sending the exterminators here when we threatened to call the dept of health..this would need to be sought in the by-laws correct? can a lawyer check this for a case for free ?

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