Can i take out my navel piercing?

I’ve had my navel pierced for about a month. I got it changed once for a larger straight bar because the piercer said the jewelry was too small, or my body was rejecting it because the jewery was sinking in to the top hole of the piercing. It looked like it was healing for a little while but now it’s starting to do it again. I’m kind of tired of it, i clean it daily about 3 times a day because if i do it more it got too dried out, but now the skin inside looks like its liquefying like the last time it did this and it wont dry out or heal. I was wondering if I could just take it out myself, i keep it very clean already, it’s pretty new so i’m sure it will heal up, and i have neosporin and tea tee oil to help with any scarring after it heals over……can i do this and what should i use to flush it and keep the inside of the piercing clean, should i put a band aid over it while it’s healing and while i’m working?
Additional Details
yeah i’m starting to doubt my piercer right now, i had the regular curved jewelry in before but it was too small so thats when she put in the longer straight bar. I live in a very small town and this is the only clean legitimate looking tattoo/piercing lounge here. All the others are very sketchy. I just came back from vacation so I’m going to wait 2-3 days to see if it starts to heal again but if not i;m ready to have it removed, my dad is tired of taking me to the tattoo lounge to get it checked out and honestly i don’t trust the lady who did it anymore either, she’s the one who told me to put tea tree oil on it. I wouldn’t use it to clean the inside of the piercing, just after it has healed over to reduce scarring. I can get whatever i should have to clean it I just need to know the safest way that i can remove it myself if it comes to that because i almost think it’s not saveable anymore. it doesnt look infected at all, it’s not sore or painful, my skin just doesn’t seem to like
having foreign objects in it. Also, my job is kind of dirty, i work in fast food and its hot in there so like..sweat…germs and stuff….i would only wear a band aid at work if i did wear one.

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