can my landlord evict us even though theres multipule serious problems in the apartment?

okay my boyfriend and I live in new york state, and are renting an apartment from a landlord whos not addressing serious issues. we are holding the rent from him because he is not fixing the problems. We would like to know if anyone can tell us if what we’re doing is legal, and /or if the landlord is also..

here are the problems:
-our hot water tank has pipes connected to the washer and dryer in the basement, which are not ours, they are coin opperated for the whole building to use.
-also our hot water tank is hooked up to another pipe that runs through the brick wall separating the basement into two.
-we cannot use a microwave, airconditioner, or hair blow dryer because the house is so old, and if one thing goes out, the whole apartment does. Its all on one breaker. The main problem is that we have no access to our breaker. Its in the front of the house, which is on the other side of the basement. The basement is locked and we do not have a key.
-the handle to lock our dead bolt on our apartment door broke off while trying to lock it, not even a month into moving in i believe. We contacted our landlord numours times, then he finally had one of his repair men come and fix it. Right after the repair man left, i tested it to see if perhaps anyone could just push or pull the door handle, and it could fall off. I pulled the door two times and it ripped the screws out!! May i add that using a block of wood to fill a gap in the door frame is not the correct way to fix my broken lock!??? esspecially when I, me of all "strong people"(thats a joke haha!!), can pull on the door twiiiceee, and have it rip the screws out that easily?!
-mold on fridge, a lot of mold behind shower liner, which is cracked and broken, and the most mold is in the basement from a broken water pipe that connects to our kitchen sink. (i believed he fixed the pipe)
-major drafts in hallway, kitchen, and basement.
-the fridge also has a broken door and will not shut all the way. the fridge is so damn old that there is no light bulb. contacted landlord about this numours times, has not replaced fridge, only offered to replace refridgerator door.
-other problems that i can’t think of…

can he evict us even though there are all these problems?
any other suggestions?
also we have court on the 18th of march

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