Can someone help with my short story?

My story takes place in a fictional ocean near a place called "the Osiris Trench" which is little more than a thin crack that goes down hundreds upon hundreds of feet. It is extremely cramped down their. So cramped that submarines cannot possible fit. However, a large vessel from the 16th century has sunk and lodged itself a part of the way down the trench. The sunken ship has a treasure on it that isn’t what the characters are expecting. But that’s just the story stuff…

The real issue is between the main character and his lover, the WIFE of the financier of the undersea voyage. So at one point, the Protagonist and the Financier engage in an underwater fight on/in the sunken ship. They are wearing big, heavy suits (like the old diver suits with the big brass helmets and tiny glass view ports) and if one of them falls off/out of the ship, they will plunge into the depths of the dark trench. I thought it was an exciting idea, but there are some issues.

1. I have never been on a submarine. I did some research, but you can only get so much out of the words of another. How can I write like I’ve been there?

2. How can I make my story more realistic and more dramatic?
I like the period pieces, but mine are much more gritty than stuff like… Pride and Prejudice and whatnot.

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