Can we sure my landlord for refusing the keep the duplex we are renting in livable condition?

I’ve lived in a duplex for 10 months now. The issues with the building continued to worsen such as the floors sinking in and have cracked in the laundry room and basement. The main problem was the heating vent in the master bedroom did not work at all. The heating vents in the other rooms of the house were decent, but the master bedroom was freezing cold. We contacted the landlord and he told us if he were to come and fix it that we would be charged . Time went by, nothing was fixed. We called him up once again and he then said it was our responsibility to fix the repair. Obviously the heat vent did not work at all when we first moved in. We just didn’t realize it until winter time had come and we clicked on the heat. Nothing was fixed again, He told us we could use a electric heater, which we had no choice, so we used one. That raised our electric bill. We paid and do pay our rent every month! I have all receipts as well. We called the health department and building commissioner on him and they have recorded pictures and written evidence from when they inspected the building. Now the landlord is forced to fix the property but in order to do that we must find a new place to live. Now I am afraid he is going to try to withhold our deposit as well because he made it clear that he was angry that we called the health department and building commissioner on him. Can we file anything against him for refusing to fix anything, especially the heating vent?

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