can we terminate the lease because of the mold condition and shower faucet problems in the rental unit?

we live in California, the apartment is not cleaned as oral promised by landlord, besides there are other problems, please let me point out some major problems here,
1. we found the faucet broken and leaking underneath, there is mold there since it’s not cleaned. we have two kids, one is 2 years old, the other is new born. I’m afraid it will affect their health.
2. the shower faucet is too old,so we can’t adjust the temperature, we told the landlord, he doesn’t want to fix it.
4. the refrigerator is not working well, my son’s milk gets bad after 2-3 days.
5. the dishwasher drain water from the air hole on the sink.
what can we do with all these problems,
since in the lease, the landlord add terms like:
Unit rent as it, no additional repair or service given by the lessor, lessee will be responsible for the maintainance.
should we be responsible for these problems.

I move in on June 22nd, and send the landlord email with the list of problems, she agree with most of the conditions. and we did take pictures for record too.

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