can wrong charger make a higher temperature of GPU?

hello, I have HP dv6700 and I changed my motherboard 459565-001 to 459564-001 , I had graphic issue before,that was reason, I put in copper shim between heat sink and graphic chip aswell, problem is my temperature of GPU, im only in windows and it show me 78, I dont have charger yet,im using charger from HP DV2000 and it has 18,5V 65w 3.5A, when I plug in, my temperature grow up till 100, when I take it out I have again around 80, charger for HP DV6700 should be 90W 18.5V 4.9A, is it problem with charger that I have so high temperature? is any software for speed up fan? maybe it could degrease the temp a little bit,I start be hopeless, I spent 100 for motherboard and I dont want have graphic issue again cause of high temp. of GPU,please any help, thank you


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