Can You get hypertrophic scarring on your tongue from a tongue piercing?

Ok so… 4/15/2010 will make it excatly two weeks that i have my tongue pierced. I started out with a short bar but it was so short that the ball sunk into my tongue to da point where u couldnt see it. Dont worry it wasnt infected i went back to the place and got a longer bar and then every things was great untill bout 2-3 days ago i notice this slight swelling around the hole like its not big. the actual inflated part is soft but the area around my tongue is a little hard. nothing dramatic is oozing out of it i thought mabye its was from me sliding my bar up and down and then i started to try and pop it(i realize from reading that wasnt da bright idea) this action made it swell a little more today i left it alone and it looks like it went down a little. but still there and there is some pain not unberable and only when i strech my tongue talking isnt a problen there is no other swelling besides that my tongue is great i love this piercing and i jus dnt want my tongue to fall off or something dramatic. i dnt think is one of thoese keloid things i have never had one didnt even know what is was but besides that any tips, solutions, ideas words of wisdom???? and i have been following da aftercare rinsing with mouthwash and such…. Thanks!!!
Oh and please people if u choose to answer please legit answers dnt waste yours and my time by putting a judgment or something like go to the doctor i know i can go to the doctor dnt need you to tell me!!!! i know beggers cant be choosers yadayadayada but really keep productive dnt need my tongue to fall off kk ttfn thanks PEACE LOVE AND GRAVEY!!
exbit A the the first response to my answer not getting me any where??
i meant question ahahah ok thanks

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