Chapter 1 conversions Chemistry help!?

I have 4 chemistry problems that I am really struggling with. If you could answer any of them and show me how you came to the answer it would be a ton of help.

1) A 10.0 cm^3 piece of lead is fastened to a 150.0cm^3 piece of Styrofoam. Will the resulting object float or sink in water?

2) If 5.25g of pure silver pellets were added to a graduated cylinder containing 11.2mL of water, to what volume level will the water in the cylinder rise?

3) A copper wire has a diameter of 0.25mm. If a sample of this copper wire has a mass of 22.00g, how long is the wire (assume the wire is a perfect cylinder)?

4) A 25.00g sample of a solid is placed in a graduated cylinder and then the cylinder is filled to the 50.0mL mark with benzene. The mass of the benzene and the solid together is 58.80g. Assuming that the solid is insoluble in benzene and that the density of benzene is 0.880g/mL, calculate the density of the solid.

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