What will be the new volume if 135 mL of He gas at 100°C and 0.999 atm is cooled to 22°C and the pressure is increased to 1.55 atm?

Determine the pressure inside a television picture tube with a volume of 3.51 L that contains 3.00 10-5 g of nitrogen gas at 25.0°C.

Determine the Celsius temperature of 1.88 moles of gas contained in a 1.00 L vessel at a pressure of 160. kPa

A helium-filled balloon at sea level has a volume of 1.9 L at 0.981 atm and 34°C. If it is released and rises to an elevation at which the pressure is 0.900 atm and the temperature is 29°C, what will be the new volume of the balloon?

At 0.00°C and 1.00 atm pressure, a sample of gas occupies 30.1 mL. If the temperature is increased to 40.0°C and the entire gas sample is transferred to a 10.0 mL container, what will be the gas pressure inside the container?

An unopened, cold 2.00 L bottle of soda contains 48.1 mL of gas confined at a pressure of 1.20 atm at a temperature of 5.0°C. If the bottle is dropped into a lake and sinks to a depth at which the pressure is 1.67 atm and the temperature is 2.09°C, what will be the volume of gas in the bottle?

A sealed cylinder of gas contains nitrogen gas at 1.00 103 kPa pressure and a temperature of 14°C. The cylinder is left in the sun, and the temperature of the gas increases to 49°C. What is the new pressure in the cylinder?


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