clogged bathroom sink?

my bathroom sink has been slow draining for a couple months. I tried baking soda and vineger, which helped a tiny bit for a couple days. Then my sink started getting slow again (half an hour to drain 2 inches of water) so I bought draino. Again that helped for a couple of days and now my sink won’t drain at all. I live in a town house and everytime my neighbor runs her sink ours fills up with what’s draining out of hers. What can I do to get my sink to work right because I have water from her running her sink in mine that has been there since 7am and it hasn’t gone down at all and it’s now after 5pm. Please help, I’m desperate at this point in time. And I can’t use chemicals with harsh fumes since I am 34 weeks pregnant. Thank you for your answers. They are much appreciated!

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