Construction Labor Costs?

Any contractors, or just someone who knows out there that can answer this for me? I know I cant get an exact price but Id like a round about figure. My husband used to have his contractors license and let it expire a few years ago and got a normal job because he didnt have enough work. Every now and then he gets side jobs to do from previous customers, and referals of family and friends. I worry that he is way under bidding these jobs since he hasnt had to do it in 3 years. He is charging a lady ,200 to remodel a bathroom, install 6 windows in the house and rebuild a shed door that is 48"X80". That price includes the ,000 for all the materials he needs, and he is picking up the materials and disposing of the old materials and everything just like a normal company would do. This bathroom is like 5’X6′. He needs to completley gut the bathroom, rip out tub, toilet, sink and walls. Hes leaving existing floor but tearing up tile and refinishing floor to lay down the sticky vinyl tile. And of course disposing of all things tore out, and re installing the new tub, toilet, sink and re doing walls with waterproof drywall, painting etc… Hes not putting in any fixtures like towel bars or lights. The lady said she would do that. The lady only wants just the cheapest things, the tub is 0, tub surround is , toilet is etc… So materials for this job run almost 0 and my husband is only charging ,700 to do the job. Account for one helper (I will be helping him since we need the money) and he said he could have it done in 2 days at 8 or so hours a day, 3 day max. The windows he said wont take him more than 5 or 6 hours to redo all of them, thats not accounting for problems. The windows themselves cost ,100. The old windows need replaced because there lead painted. So he needs to remove and properly dispose of the lead paint windows. And hes only charging 0 labor for a total of ,600.

Is this right? It sounds to me like hes way under priced. I dont know much about the construction industry but I know its expensive! And to remove and dispose of lead paint windows, remove and dispose of a whole bathroom, shop for and pick up all materials, it sounds to me like its not enough. How much would you charge for this stuff?

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