could i have contracted HIV/AIDS?

i was just wondering if i could have gotten HIV/AIDS from a friend of mine. Me and this friend went and got tattoos together i went first then he went secound and we went home and washed the blood off our tattoos with the same soapy water. My friend hasnt been tested for AIDS but there is a possibility he has it, if he was HIV positive what do you think my chances are of catching it also after washing blood off our tattoos in the same water around 2 hours later. I know aids cant live outside the human body for long and the blood was just sitting on the surface of our skins underneath some cling film for around 2 hours or more before we washed it off in a sink filled with warm soapy water. The soap was not anti bacterial it was just a regular bar of shower soap. Basically im worreid and want to know if my firend was HIV positive could i have contracted it also.

I know it was dumb to wash in the same sink so please dont just tell me that, i wasnt thinking at the time.

Also please excuse spelling/gramaticall errors etc.

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