Crazy in-laws staying over for Memorial weekend?

I need to vent. And I need help as to how I should approach my crazy in-laws to abide by our rules while they’re in our home.

My hubby and I already had plans for the long weekend. But as always… My in-laws never bother to ask if it’s okay with us for them to come and stay at our place. They just let us know they’re coming… whether we like it or not. I’m tired of it.

This is the second time this has happened (Thank God we live 3 hours away).

Besides that, they’re so messy and my ‘mother’ in-law likes to take-over my house when she gets here.

I’m a really clean and organized person, and she takes my nice, clean kitchen towels and cleans up a spill then takes the same towel and wipes down my whole kitchen. EW.

They go through everything without asking, and take bubble baths (yes, fill up my whole tub!!!) without asking also. We don’t even do that because water here is so expensive.

They break everything on accident. We have a breakfast bar and the kitchen sink is right under it so when they’re done drinking or eating they simply throw (literally!) the dishes into the sink.

They don’t bring anything. No toothbrushes, shoes, barely any clothes… so they borrow ours. Especially my ‘sister’ in-law. Last time she brought nothing!!! So she wore all my clothes (which don’t even fit her…), shoes, etc.

Thank God both my hubby and I are off this weekend so we can supervise them. Last time they stayed over, they came without asking, and we were both working long shifts… we both got home late at night to find our home turned upside down. What’s worse… as soon as I walked in my house after a 12-hour-shift… my mother in-law said "Oh, I didn’t feel like doing the dishes. Can you do them?’
I wanted to throw them out our second floor.

What can I do this time to make sure they follow our rules? Or at least respect our home???
Angelus, I wish!!! I could do that. Thing is, I don’t want to completely ruin my relationship with them as they may be my future children’s grandparents (eeek) and my hubby does want to see his parents. So I’m really just looking for a way to keep things peaceful.

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