Depression, my mom harps on me?

My husband and I are living with my parents at the moment, I haven’t started work yet, suppose to start July 6th… so until I can start that… we’re kinda stuck here and can’t afford our own place…

My mom is always harping on me with everything, I dont think she really cares for my husband and he’s doing all he can to get along with her. She’s never liked anyone I’ve known.

We’re struggling with money and my mom is asking for money for our part in utilities which is fine, but she goes on and on and on about how long my husband showers… every single little thing. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

My dads told me he’s about ready to leave her because of how she’s been their whole marriage.

She uses her mom for money all the time, spends money on my little brother all the time, and doesn’t work.

I’m sinking into depression, I feel when we move out, that I want to cut her out of my life for a while… but I don’t want to loose my mom, because when things are fine… we get along great.

I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I have to make everyone happy at all times and I’m really having a hard time controlling how I feel anymore. I don’t get to bed until midnight when soon I’ll have to be getting up at 4am to work… my brothers up when my husband leaves for work at 4:30 and he’s loud. I’ve approached her about it, and she gets all defensive and says that she’s had to tell us to turn our tv down, what… maybe 3 times in the past 3 months?

I’m just really hurting… I’ve suffered from emotional problems my whole life and I don’t want to end up dead over it, I want to be happy, I want to appreciate life and I feel like I cant. I feel like I’ve gotten the short end of the stick compared to my brother. She never complains to him, it’s always been me.

I just need some advice and care.
Thank you.

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