Did you know Soviets are what caused Japan to surrender and not the US of A? Rewrite history?


but how so? Soooo…let’s see. In the 3 1/2 years following Pearl Harbor, the Americans (mainly…some British and Australians as well and some help from the Chinese who certainly had a VERY big axe to grind with the Japanese) sank hundreds of Japanese vessels,killed thousands of Japanese soldiers, sailors, marines, and aviators, took islands by the dozens and their bases, then dropped two nuclear weapons on the very sacred Japanese mainland after firebombing Tokyo pretty much flat. But it was only when the Ruskies appeared on the horizon in August 1945 that the Imperial Japanese said "Oh, NO…now we’re REALLY in trouble….UNCLE!!!" Mmmmm….not buying it. The Russians were certianly crucial to the success against Nazi Germany, but saying their arrival in the Pacific "won the war" is a BIT if a stretch.

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