Do I have social anxiety?

I am 25 year old male and was wondering if this is what I have? I guess I have always thought I was depressed until recently, but now I do not think this is true as I meet no symptoms and I am not suicidal except when i took antidepressants for a month in high school (side effect). My main symptom as that I just like to be alone sometimes, I mean I will go into a shell for a while where i do not want to be around people – anti social, but I am not unhappy, as well though I would deep down like to interact with ppl there is just fear and I think the worst.

I guess i think i have anxiety because I have trouble with small talk, have trouble making phone calls, afraid to go to the doctor/ bring my car in for a repair, get really nervous around authority, when I was in college when the teacher called on me I would panic become red and felt like I was exploding. Afraid to say the wrong thing to someone where they wont like me. I guess I am quiet sometimes or for long periods of time because I think I will say something stupid or fear ppl wont like me for what I say.

Some things that go against anxiety is that all of a sudden I can develop stretches where I am very social and just out there talking to everyone and not afraid of anything then boom I sink back into fear and such. I do not really dread talking to a group of ppl if I know about it in advance and on job interviews i am not really nervous just say stupid things. lol…. well would i be right in saying i have social anxiety? and what do i do?

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