Do you think I'm going insane?

Well, I really think that I am because I do many things that some people would consider the qualitys of a mentaly unstable person… for example, I keep talking to myself… (I don't reply to myself, I just say things like “hmm… I would really enjoy food right about now. Noooow… where did I put that candy bar? I think I left it on the sink! …No! Wait! Why would I leave it on the sink? Stupid Sarah! It must be on my bed!”) Also I talk to animals and I sometimes actually think that they understand what I saying. I kind of have a fear that some people can read my mind…. but that might have been caused from watching to much TV. I am ALWAYS thinking about something… and usually it's something completely outrageous like “What would happen if my house all of the sudden flew into the air and begen flying around the world… never to come back down to the ground?” That little question was the thing that was distracting me from doing my work today at school. I litterly thought about it from 8:00am (when I first got into school) to 3:30pm (When I got out) And honestly, I just couldn't focus on anything else… I get like that alot… I don't know… I may just have and over active imagination or something… but I'm not sure… what do you think from what you've heard so far? Do YOU think I'm going insane? Or am I just thinking about this to much?


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