Do you think my house is haunted?

Okay so I have lived here since I was in head start…I am now on my second year of college…In 2003 we moved out our old house and moved a new one in to the exact spot the old one was…I never noticed anything weird go on until recently. Here a just a few things that I have noticed happen within the last few months:

One night my friend and I were watching a movie and it was about midnight, maybe one in the morning, and this extremely bright light came from inside the kitchen. It was storming that night and we thought maybe it was just lightning we seen but it only came from one spot and we would have seen that light come from the window behind me and the one beside my friend if it was lighting.

Another incident that happened was my mom was standing at the kitchen sink, I was stand in the middle of the kitchen at our island, and my sister was sitting at the counter on a bar stool. My mom looked up and in my living room (diagional to my kitchen) we have this picture of a old man and a little boy fishing and my mom said that she seen a head in the picture and it moved like someone walked by.

Another night my friend and I were walking through my kitchen and at a certain spot we both got goose bumps (cold chills) but it wasnt cold in the house. So we walked on through the kitchen and then went back to that spot and we got the goose bumps again. We checked and there wasnt a draft, no air was blowing, and the window wasnt open.

And the most recent thing happened today, my mom was doing laundry and she told me one of my socks was missing. She did wash both of them but she didnt know where one of the socks went. So later on I went to the front door and opened it to feel outside and to look for my dog and when I opened the door I looked down and my sock was on the front porch. I went to show my mom and she said she would swear on a bible that she didnt put the sock there to scare me. And we knew it was the right sock because it had the same smell as the other freshly washed sock.

Some little things that have happened are:

T.V. went off and came back on…it did that twice one day

When the computer screen is black (because it hasnt been used for a certain amount of time) it will for no reason just go back to the desk top

We have a water cooler and it sometimes makes the bubbling noise that you hear when you use it…when no one is using it

And I have walked into the kitchen at night and think that I have seen a person standing in my family room and I have to do a double take to make sure no one is there

So what do you think? I mean are there any logical explinations for these things that have happened? if you do think that my house is haunted then what would be the best way to communicate with the spirt so find out who it is? Sorry this was so long and thanks for taking your time to read it!

P.S. my grandparents (both are now dead) used to live at the house on a hill like 500 foot away from my home…and they both used to come down to vist us a lot…do you think that if my house is haunted its one of my grandparents?

Once again thanks!
If you’re just going to waste my time by making me read your stupid comments please dont bother even asnwering. Thanks

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