Do you think these are good/unique Baby Shower games? (other then the last game)?

Pregnancy Candy Bar Game
You list things that have to do with preganancy, after birth, life with baby, etc & the guests have to match the correct candy or candy bar to the Pregnancy/Baby meaning.
Conception – Skor (Candy Bar)
Epidural – (Life Savers)
Baby Nursery – (Cry Babys)
Postpartum Belly – (Jelly Belly)
Delivery Doctor/Midwife – Butterfinger
Ok I am sure by now you get the concept of that game. Lol!

Wet Diaper Game
You put guest into groups of 3-4 (depending on how many guest attend the shower) And you give the group each 1 newborn (doesn’t matter what size) diaper, 1 glass full of water, 1 measuring cup, and a pencil & paper. You have them guess how much water that diaper can hold using the measuring cup. First they must write down their estimate guess and then whatever team is closest wins!

Hot Bottle Game
Just like Hot Potato except you fill up a bottle full of hot water (just from the sink) and you play music and once you stop the music whomever ends up with the bottle in their hand is out, and you keep going until it’s down to one person left, and that person would be the winner.

Don’t Say "Baby" Game

You get clothes pins (you can decorate them) either the guest pin them to their shirts or you can by string of some sort to make them into necklaces. The point of this game is you are NOT allowed to say baby, and ANYONE who catches you saying baby is allowed to take your pin and whomever ends up with the most pins at the end of the shower wins. Make sure to give each guest a clothes pin when they arrive and explain how to play.

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