Does anyone have some experience cleaning with bleach + water and vinegar+water?

I’ve heard you can use these to clean things around the house in place of very abrasive and nasty store bought cleaners… Usually the Clorox cleaner I use dries out my hand after awhile, despite wearing gloves. I am just curious which concoction I should use on certain surfaces to get the best results.

What should I use on:

~the tiles in the shower,
~ the tub liner (in the shower)
~ wooden counter tops
~ ceramic counter tops and sinks
~ toilet bowls

Also, anyone have a recipe for home made windex so I clean my windows cheaply? I’ve also heard you can use old newspapers to wipe down your windows once they’ve been sprayed with windex…Does that work or does it just lead to a lot of streaking and I’d be better off with paper towels?

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