Does anyone know of any Gov Grants/financial assistance programs to help UNEMPLOYED families in california?

Both my parents and myself are currently unemployed…I have been receiving unemployment for 1 year, my dad has been receiving Unemployment approx 8 months now and my mom just ran out of unemployment benefits (exhausted) her claim after 2years! we are now a single income (unemployment) family of 6 living on about ,500 monthly…My parents and I search daily for hours, fill out applications, turn in resumes and we have yet to find jobs:( Our house is now in pre-foreclosure, we have 10 days to conduct a short sale. my parents have done everything, there seems to be NO HOPE…. does anyone have ANY suggestions to help us? I have 3 siblings…sister 22, brother 20 and (youngest) brother 7- I am 24. myself, sister and (older) brother ALL attend college, younger brother is in 1st grade. my (older) brother 20, is epileptic, clinically diagnosed with bi polar disorder and is manic depressive and is suicidal. between his medication expensies, groceries, gas costs, utilities, college fees/books family is sinking! found out today that we qualifty for food stamps which is a blessing! I would do anygthing to help my parents/family out..if you have a suggestion PLEASE send it my way:)

-bad credit, do not qualify for loans etc.
-All savings/401K $ is gone
-no (extended) family/relatives/friends are in the financial position to loan money, we’ve asked them all :(

– residing in Orange, Ca

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