does my landlord have to pay for me to move?

I moved into my home in june and my landlord said that he would cut down the dangerous tree in my front yard, have a new a/c installed because their is no a/c at all he just put in two window units in my four bedroom home; repair a missing window pane in one of my bedrooms, replace the missing window on my door to the garage, and fix the bathtub and cracked floor in the bathroom the plumber stated that the tub and floor has sank aprox 3 inches leaving huge gaps between the tub and the tile. He had the plumber come because when i went to have the water turned on we found out that there was no pipes under the house he had a plumber come install the pipes but told him not to replace the sheet rock he had to cut out to make the repairs leaving holes where you can actually see the ground and pipes under the house. He also said he would replace the roof that has leaks throughout the house with a minimum of 30 water stains in the ceiling… and many other issues that would be repaired within 30 days. It has been two months and still nothing has been fixed. He keeps stating next week. Could I take him to court and force him to pay for me to move into another home? For two months I have been paying for motels and staying with people waiting on these repairs to be made. I have all my furniture in the house. I was not smart and have not got any receipts for the rent i have paid or my down payment. All I have is my lease.

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