Does the renter or landord pay for a clogged kitchen sink drain?

I live in AZ and rent a house.
Recently our kitchen sink backed up and the landlord called out a plumber to fix it.
The plumber told me the owner installed the "lowest" power garbage disposal which typically causes food to back up the pipe. Our landord is requesting that I pay for the repair. I consider this normal wear and tear because it was just food clogging the pipe not anything that should have not been in there. Who is responsible to pay. Our slumlord did not disclose us of a charge for this but issued the request just before rent is due conveniently.
It states in my lease and tenant handbook that the owner is resposible for any/all plumbing under the sink and for appliances that need repair for normal wear and tear. It also states that if a foreign object causes the disposal to become clogged or broken, items such as coins, bottle caps, bones, etc. then that is considered misuse of the appliance. Those items were not found, it was caused because of dull blades that were worn down over the year and a half we lived here. So I think for those that say it’s the tenants responsibility then I think you are most likely a greedy landlord…trying to take advantage over your overpaying tenants.
Here’s the deal, the owner installed a low-grade disposal, which over time the blades dull, this is exactly what the plumber told me. So it caused soggy cereal to bacK up. Therefore I did not clog the disposal, it became clogged as a result of mechanical failure which is the owner’s responsibilty according to the handbooK….TY for your answers.

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