Does this character sound or appear to much like Massie from the Clique?

McKenna Wilson couldn’t wait for the last day of school. She spent weeks wishing for time to go by faster. All she could think about was camp.
Technically, it wasn’t called a camp. It was called, Hamilton Art School: For the Artistically Gifted. Which pretty much meant camp, just in more words. Or it did to McKenna.
At the last school dance, which was just a little semi-formal “Have a Great Summer!” get –together, McKenna couldn’t even fully enjoy herself, even with her dress being the prettiest one there. And probably the most expensive, though McKenna didn’t look at price tags.
And now, finally, it was here. The last day of school. Normally, being more of an anti-morning person, McKenna tried to sleep in till the last second she could, leaving just enough time to get ready. But on June 1st, McKenna was up before her alarm clock went off. She sat up quickly, hopped out of bed and looked in the mirror, as was her morning routine. She would then relax, seeing she was as pretty as always. After she relaxed, she would stare at her perfect skin, trying to detect an awaiting blemish.
Finding none, she zoomed down the stairs in her little Aeropostle sleep shorts and tank top, to eat a cereal bar, and a power smoothie.
“Mooooom?” she called out into the kitchen. “Agata!” she screeched after no reply. The housekeeper came out of the pantry.
“Yes Mizz Wilson?” Agata replied sweetly. McKenna flounced across the tile floor, and hopped onto one of the bar stools nearest to the blender, which was filled with a blueberry power shake.
“What kinda of cereal bars do we have?” McKenna asked, yawning. She grabbed an empty glass and the blender, and poured a cup full of smoothie. She sipped it, waiting for a reply.
“I am going to store today. I think we have Speecial K,” Agata tells her. McKenna sighs. Agata just keeps washing the sink.
“Dark chocolate?” McKenna whines, drinking more of her smoothie. Agata rolls her eyes.
“Go!” she says, shooing McKenna in the direction of the pantry. “Go check! And then you get ready for school! Also, package came for you yesterday. You came home too late to get,” she adds. McKenna squeals.
“Ohhhh! That’ll be my new Louis Vuitton suitcase! I got it just for camp!” McKenna scampers to the high ceilinged foyer, getting more excited by the minute.

or is she too sweet sounding to be like her? there’s more to the story, and she’s kinda nicer here, but do you think if i made her any meaner, that she’d be too much like Massie?
and uhh, she can’t really be nice, she’s supposed to be this glossy, confident, leader type. but she’s also very loyal, tempermental, etc.

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