Dream Interpreation ,of like 4 different dreams at once.?

I have never had such detailed dreams that are seen or dremt very clearly. I could see various colors, patterns,architechure ect. I believe it started with me dreaming That i kept "Washing" myself. It was in the very very old times and the way i kept cleaning myself over and over was with a soap bar wrapped in wash cloth and the wash cloth being sunk into a bowl like of water. I kept cleaning my neck and torso area.Then my maid ( don’t have one in real life) came in informing me that my husband after cleaning himself left the water dark and dirty. Until my maid came in, i found out i was actually getting married. Then i popped up in the middle of MODERN New York. I was walking with someone around the city and he suddenly saw his ex and i offered to help make her jealous because she was with another guy. Then i popped up in a lake. It was again old times and the lake had collum ruins in it. It was the same color as unclean pools get, a green unlear kind or greyish. And my Mother and other people were in it. I think it might’ve been my wedding but thats just guessing.Also, i found out the lake had gasoline and it suddenly caught on fire , as that dream was going, i also had images of what seemed to be dungeons or some underground halls and rooms made from stone. I’m guessing they were ruins or in old times. Then in the lake, my mother was killed because the lake caught on fire. I also dreamt of a mall that went uphill. I kept seeing photobooths on the sides. I even saw a woman driving one. I am very confused about these dreams.

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