Flatmates – How to set boundaries?!?

How do you confront your flatmates when they have stolen your food and haven't had the little bit of decency to own up to it.

I live with 4 flatmates. 2 who were here before me (i moved in 3 – 4 weeks ago) and 2 who just moved in like 3 – 4 days ago.

One of them stole my Up & Go and didn't own up to it even after i stuck the carton on the fridge and stuck a note on the fridge telling the thief to apologize and pay for the drink!
And a week before this happened someone stole my milk, like took a sip? Possibly even mouthed it. Disgusting? Yeah, i know.

I hate living here. One of my flatmates has his girlfriend over 24/7, makes me wonder if she has her own home or what! She eats, showers, sleeps here all the time.

God knows if it was her. Cause she hasn't come back since the incident took place.

It's been 3 days and no one has said anything about it or even asked me what happened.
I'm going mad and having the urge to physically beat them to death to ask who did it?
I don't know what to do!

The head tenant is the guy who has the girlfriend over all the time, so i don't wanna bring the issue up tomorrow at the house meeting cause he might just embarrass me in front of everyone if i speak my mind.

Really don't wanna have to sink down to their level. Don't want things to get worse. I unfortunately have to live here until next January. I can't afford my own mini bar fridge atm. So please, any suggestions as to what i can do?

Has anyone had this happen to them or anything similar while they were flatting?

Thanks in advance.


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