From a financial standpoint, does it make sense to get rid of my car?

I have a 2004 Prius with 115,000. Hasn’t had many problems so far but I am getting a little worried about what the future may hold. I am going through college and don’t have a lot of money to sink into maintenance repairs, etc..I am looking at honda civics for around the same price with MUCH less mileage on them. Obviously both cars are reliable but my car has much more mileage than a civic would have if I were to buy one. Does it make sense for me to get rid of the prius in exchange for a civic with less miles in order to avoid any maintenance messes in the future? My car is, in my opinion, nearing the point where I either keep it or sell it because as I keep putting more and more miles on it, it decreases especially since my car will soon be at 120xxx. What makes sense financially, being that I am a college student that likes paying for most of everything & doesn’t beg my parents for cash for maintenance like some others do:)

Thanks for your insight!

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