Getting a musty smell from my bathroom sink…?

About two weeks ago, I had a blocked toilet. After a couple of days, I eventually managed to unblock it with a plunger. Since then, there’s been a pungent smell coming from the bathroom sink. I went away for about a week, but the smell’s still here, and it’s giving me a bit of a headache (even worse, it’s my en-suite bathroom, so I get the smell in my bedroom, too).

The whole bathroom (and my bedroom) stinks of it, but it seems to come especially from the sink (especially after pouring water down the drain). The smell isn’t a sewer gas sort of smell, it’s more of a musty damp smell, like you’d get from standing water if you had a blockage – in fact, it’s exactly the same smell that was originally coming from my toilet when that was blocked. Only, my sink isn’t blocked. I even put some Mr. Muscle down the drain, and it did nothing for the smell.

This is obviously connected to the toilet blockage, but how? There’s no leaks anywhere and the floor’s not damp. This bathroom is on the ground floor, so if I had a burst pipe, wouldn’t I be able to tell?

Anybody got any ideas on what’s going on (or how I can check more thoroughly) and how I can fix it?

PS: I know that calling a plumber is the ideal solution, but I’m very tight for cash right now, so I’d like to try to avoid doing that.

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