Getting Back with Ex After Her failed Rebound? Why is she givnig me another shot?

My Ex and I first met in 2006.. Started dating , but we took things slow.. She had 2 sons, both of whom I love to pieces. Her oldest son was not very excited about me though.. I think he wanted her to be with his father, which is natural.. This caused some issues in the relationship… During the first few years.. I was gainfully employed.. As she was.. In 2009 the economy sank and I got laid off, had a hard time finding work, living off unemployment… I became Clingy and argumentative with her, I basicly Pushed her away from me.. I admit I feel into a slight depression and became very Needy.. In Feb of This year, Still unemployed and still fighting, after a big fight, she suddenly shut me from her life.. Threwout March I called her maybe 4 or 5 times and she ignored all my calls..

In June, My old company contacted me and asked me to come back to work at my old salary rate!!!! I was feeling great… Went out to celebrate that night with my friends.. BAM, Run into her at a Bar. Shes’ with a New guy.. At one point i was 3 feet away from her and she looked really.. Nervous.. So , I left the bar.. Once leaving there a friend of mine told me he knew the guy she was with, and he was a big loser.. He said that her new boyfriend was in his 30’s, living with his mom.. Being the Jerk that I’m, after a few more drinks at a new bar.. I Texted her that her new boyfriend was Ugly, and a loser.. I told her She could do better than that…

The next morning, I felt horrible for sending her that text.. That’ was really not in my nature.. So I emailed her just saying I was sorry about what I said the night before VIA text.. I told her I was sorry for blowing the relationship.. I told her my life is doing better now, I got my old job back, and things were looking positive.. ( She remembers how stressed I was looking for a new job). I told her I love her and her kids, and I’ll always have her kids back… Again Apologizing for what I said about her friend.. Then I wished her luck.. 5 minutes later I get an email back from her saying .. " Was that so hard, all I wanted you to do was be nice".. Basicly she went on to say that she would have talked to me earlier and she never wanted to break up.. Last night we went on a Date , It was great. After the Date she called me and we stayed on the phone for about 6 hours.. She never once mentioned her New boyfriend.. Why is she jumping back into things with me? I’m sorta confused about this. She Said she wanted to give it another shot? PS- I know she had been talking to that guy, since April, so they have been talking for a few months. Why come back to me?

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